The Best 50cc Dirt Bikes in 2024

The Best 50cc Dirt Bikes in 2024

What’s the best 50cc Dirt Bikes for Children?

A lot of the 50cc Dirt Bikes are superb as well as there are very couple of differences between them. While there are a few lemons to stay clear of which I’ll highlight in this blog post, your choice will likely be made through which one you find available at a good price near you. Having stated that, we realy like KTM 50cc (really expensive). Let’s discover.

The Best 50cc Dirt Bike Evaluations

KTM 50 SX (Or KTM 50 SX Mini)

If your kid is really major about dust biking, or if you’re made from cash, then it is difficult to defeat the KTM 50 SX Mini. It’s an incredible bike, yet you have to pay for the quality. This is a racing bike as well as if that’s your purpose, after that it’s a good option.

Disc brakes on the front and back, adjustable handlebars, liquid cooling with a radiator, upside down front forks, and other features make this act like a higher-end bike, yet on a smaller sized scale.

Nonetheless, this is a 2-stroke bike so you’ll have to mix oil at a ratio of 60:1. I personally recognized I really did not desire a 2-stroke when I was shopping since all our various other motorcycle are 4-stroke and also I really did not wish to tinker blending fuel for various bikes. However, 2-stroke has benefits such as low-end grunt.

Honda CRF50

If a buddy or next-door neighbor were to ask me what 50cc dirt bike to obtain, my short solution would be to get a Honda CRF50. I’m not the only one. Time and time again when I learn through knowledgeable riders, they claim they put their kids on a CRF50. They are only $100 much more expensive than the Yamaha TTR50, however they include a commence which, in my opinion, should be basic on absolutely every motorcycle.

While the kick start is truly good to have if you accidentally left the type in the “on” setting and can not use the electrical start, remember that most youngsters will not be able to kick start the bike. It’s just a little too difficult for a lot of children. I have actually seen some 6-year-old kids who can do it, yet also my 8-year-old battles. The commence is mainly for that moms and dad.

The Honda CRF50 as well as the Yamaha TTR50 are the most popular choices due to the fact that they are exceptionally trusted, reasonably priced, as well as are set up with similar controls to an adult bike so the kid can easily advance to bigger bikes as he or she expands.

In almost every various other regard, however, the CRF50 is primarily the same to the Yamaha. Actually, if you were to switch the plastics on a CRF50 to something blue, many people wouldn’t also know the difference. There are distinctions, obviously, however they aren’t obvious. The one difference you may notice, nonetheless, is that the CRF50 isn’t as quick as the TTR50. The CRF50 tops out at 25mph as well as the TTR50 can get up to 30mph. Seat Elevation: 21.8 ″.

Yamaha TTR50

The Yamaha TTR50 is a really reputable as well as durable dirt bike at an affordable cost. This is the dirt bike I purchased for my 6-year-old and it’s been great. I obtained the Yamaha TTR50 due to the fact that I located a decent bargain on it, but if I were purchasing again, I would certainly have chosen the CRF50 from Honda if one had been readily available.

I paid $1,250 for a new TTR50 at my neighborhood shop, however after tax obligations, registration and fees, I was closer to $1,700 if I remember right. If I might have discovered a gently utilized 50, I would certainly have gotten it, however in my city of Boise, Idaho, there just had not been anything around when I wished to purchase.

We have had a great experience with the TTR50. It runs terrific, my child LIKES it, as well as we have not had any integrity worries. If he uses the kill switch to quit the bike, the battery is still in the “on” setting and afterwards the next time we utilize it, the battery will be dead as well as we won’t have the ability to begin the bike.

The full throttle on a TTR50 is right at 30mph, so it’s a really qualified bike for kids. The TTR50 is quicker than the CRF50, which tops out around 25mph. I wouldn’t desire my children going much faster than that anyway.

Nevertheless, children under 8 years of ages usually aren’t solid enough to use a kick starter anyway. So the benefit of the kick starter is actually only for a grown-up to begin the bike for the child if the battery stops working.

Suzuki DRZ-50

Suzuki makes some great motorcycle that approach the Yamaha and Honda in every way. Best of all, Suzuki puts electric start and also kick starters on their bikes similar to Honda. Thanks, Suzuki!

I don’t personally have much experience with the Suzuki, but it’s well-reviewed. They just aren’t widely offered in my city so I do not see them as usually.

Yamaha PW50

The Yamaha PW50 — Best 50cc Dirt Bikes is the a little twin bro of the TTR50 who was birthed 10 mins later on. The bikes are practically the same in the dimension (although the TTR50 is really 1.5 ″ higher in seat elevation), but the greatest distinction is in the engine. The PW50 is a 2-stroke which is oil-injected so you do not need to mix gas/oil each time. The TTR50 is a beefier 4-stroke.

Most motorcyclists agree that the TTR50 is a much better bike, and also it’s just $100 much more expensive than the PW50. Nevertheless, it’s much more that they are simply different bikes. I would suggest the PW50 for extremely young kids (3-4 years of ages), as well as the TTR50 for 5-7 years of age children.

Here are a couple of differences.

  • PW50 is somewhat lighter.
  • PW50 does not have a foot brake, so it doesn’t instruct the children the normal controls that they’ll see in bigger bikes as they grow.
  • TTR50 is a little faster.
  • PW50 has a kick starter however no electrical start.
  • The PW50 has Mag-style wheels. They aren’t as durable, yet they call for no maintenance or spoke tightening up.

SSR 50cc

The SSR bikes — Best 50cc Dirt Bikes are the least expensive motorcycle available. You can get one new for as little as $700. Some people get them as just fun “collision up” bikes, and also some individuals have good experiences with them; nevertheless, unless you’re really helpful and you don’t mind working with your bike regularly, I would very advise keeping away from this as well as the other Chinese-brand bikes. They are essentially lawn mowers with wheels.

While the quality of an SSR is simply not on the level of a bike from the significant suppliers, it still could be a terrific alternative for you. If you’re extremely convenient; and also understand just how to repair points when they fail, you have a restricted spending plan; and you truly intend to buy new, after that this is your bike. I heard from one person that purchased one and also after almost a year of virtually everyday use. It had actually only damaged a few minor points, which would coincide as any kind of Honda or Yamaha. Not everyone has a bad experience with these bikes.

How Much Upkeep Does a 50cc Motorcycle Need?
Really little. If you alter the oil in a 50cc bike, as well as it’s a high quality bike from an excellent brand name, you’ll likely have it compete 15 years without any significant repair services. They are usually reputable and also very easy to maintain.

The only things you might need to do on your motorcycle are:

  • Put gas in it.
  • Adjustment the oil once per year.
  • Eliminate the air filter and also clean it occasionally (every 10 times is possibly great on among these little bikes).
  • Remove the starter battery at the end of each season and also put it on a drip battery charger throughout the winter season. Otherwise, you’ll have to acquire a brand-new one ($ 35-$ 70) at the beginning of the following season.
  • Repair a level (No, it’s not almost as regular as your kid’s bike, but it can occur).
  • Nevertheless, 50cc bikes use much thinner tires than a lot of dirt bikes, so it is more probable to obtain a flat on them than on a few other motorcycle.

Just how to Get a Good Deal on a Dirt Bike.

Motorcycle– specifically the 50cc bikes — typically hold their worth quite possibly. Any individual with experience recognizes that these bikes run simply fine for more than a decade with minimal maintenance, so individuals are glad to conserve a little cash from the new rate.

Unless you’re getting a high-performance KTM or one more racing bike. I ‘d advise not spending greater than $1,100 on a made use of 50cc dirt bikes.

If you’re obtaining a Honda or Yamaha, here is the approximate “going price” for utilized 50cc bikes (At the very least in the Boise area. It’ll obviously vary depending upon where you live).

Brand-new– $1,200 or $1,300 checklist price, however the shops constantly have unique fees and also tax obligations and also crap. So it’ll likely be $1,500 to $1,800 by the time you leave the door.

  • 1-2 years old– $1,000 to $1,100.
  • 3-5 years old– $850 to $1,000.
  • 5-8 years old– $750 to $900.
  • 8 years+ old– $600– $850 depending upon problem.

Are Dirt Bikes for Children Safe?

If you keep your children inside and don’t go on any kind of journeys with them; after that indeed, they’ll be much safer. They’ll also turn out like the fat video-game-playing careless kids like I so often see. At the exact same time, I obviously don’t intend to place my boys in harm’s method.

All of these dirt bikes can get up to 25-30 miles per hour when in the leading equipment and a WOT (vast open throttle). I keep my 6-year-old in second gear at all times. This minimizes his full throttle so he can’t get into too much difficulty; as well as he additionally feels more comfy in second equipment. His bike also has a throttle quit so I can cap his full throttle; however I haven’t located that to be necessary; because I can simply keep him in 2nd gear.

Directly, I think motorcycle riding for youngsters as young as 4 years old is a sensibly risk-free task; as long as you maintain them in first or second equipment, always have them use high quality safety gear on every flight, and also meticulously watch them. With these preventative measures, I’m pleased that dirt cycling is an exceptional task for my family members.

I agree to risk a busted ankle at some time if it suggests I reach spend many years bonding with my kids out in nature; and also assisting them to create self-confidence, guts, as well as understanding. You can search for the other types of motocycles.